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Excavation since 1994 has recovered over one million artifacts dating to the first half of the 17th century. The majority of the objects date to the first years of English settlement during the time the palisade walls of James Fort still stood (1607-1624). The site of James Fort was not washed into the river, as most people believed for the past 200 years. We have uncovered over 480 feet of palisade lines from the initial triangular fort, the east and north cannon projections (bulwarks), a section of the western bulwark ditch, eleven filled-in cellars, three wells, dozens of burials, and ten structures, all part of James Fort. Also, an addition to the fort has been discovered to the east of the triangular fort; this area remains largely unexplored. The following links show some of what we find as we discover "The Buried Truth."

News from the Dig

Fort Excavation Area Statehouse Site
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