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Virginia's Most Endangered Historic Sites
Virginia's Most Endangered Historic Sites

Virginia's Most Endangered Historic Sites Program recognizes the Commonwealth's irreplaceable, architectural, natural, and archaeological sites that face imminent threat by demolition, alteration, inappropriate development, insufficient funding, or neglect. These special "places" play an important role in Virginia's heritage and should be recognized before it is too late.

Nominations are due April 13, 2012.

Please note: Photographs must be submitted via this form, through email, or on a CD. Contact information for the nominators of those sites designated to the "most endangered" list will be distributed with the Endangered Historic Sites program and will appear on the Preservation Virginia website.

Required Images:

  • A State map clearly indicating the location of your site
  • No fewer than 3 high resolution(greater than 1500 pixels on a side) digital photographs

Please keep in mind that the materials including photographs submitted will become the property of Preservation Virginia and may be used in future publications, presentations, and on Preservation Virginia's website.

Submit Your Nomination Via the Web

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Your Endangered Historic Site
• Name of Site Historic and Popular Name for Site, if any

• Street Address • City • State • Zip

• Owner Name (If Different than Nominator)

• The Ownership of this Site is:  Public    Private
• Does the Owner Support this Nomination?:  Yes    No

• Has the owner been apprised or is he/she aware of the threat(s) to this site? Please explain.

• Please describe your site, including its current use and condition and existing zoning or other protective regulations, if any.

• What is the historic significance of your site? (Has it been honored with a national, State, or local historic designation?)

• What is your site's history? (Has its role in your community changed over time?)

• Why do you want to save it? (What is special about it, and why does it continue to be important to you and your community?)

• Describe the impending threat to your site. (How imminent is it?)

• Describe the setting and context. (Does the site retain its original character? What does the surrounding area look like?)

• Who is involved in the effort to save your site? (i.e., an organization, local government, a historical society, Main Street program, etc.) Have these organizations made a financial commitment to the effort? Are there any groups that oppose the preservation of your site?

• What specific action would protect this site? (i.e., purchase and appropriate rehabilitation? A feasibility study? Adaptive reuse? Better zoning? Heritage tourism?)

Please use this space to relay any other information pertinent to this nomination.

Upload Your Images
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