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Historic Preservation Awards
  • 2012 Historic Preservation Awards
2012 Historic Preservation Awards

The Preservation Virginia Awards committee invites members of communities throughout the Commonwealth to nominate potential recipients for Virginia's annual Preservation Awards. The Preservation Virginia Awards have been given since 1971, honoring Virginians who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to preservation.

Awards will be given to homeowners, commercial property owners/developers, architectural firms, local governments, civic organizations, preservation project team members or individuals for efforts that have preserved and protected the architectural and archeological heritage of Virginia. Projects associated with nominations must have been completed in 2010 and focus on the rehabilitation of structures at least 50 years old. Projects must be located within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Award Categories Include:

Young Preservationist of the Year
Presented to a person or youth group, comprised of members twenty-five years of age or younger, who have made a notable contribution to preservation in Virginia. This award not only recognizes excellence, but also the profound need to attract young people into Virginia's preservation movement if it is to continue to thrive.

Outstanding Preservation Project
The Gabriella Page Preservation Award
Recognizes an owner, architect, design firm, contractor or developer for a domestic, commercial or public sector project that best exemplifies the use of preservation standards and brings an outstanding building into appropriate contemporary use.

Outstanding Community Preservation Project
The Katherine Glaize Rockwood Community Preservation Award
Recognizes an activity or project that has made a significant contribution to an historic area in Virginia. Examples would include an effort to save a critical structure, creation of a revolving fund, exceptional efforts by a historic preservation commission or neighborhood association such as the establishment and maintenance of a newsletter or website.

Outstanding Historic Preservation Research Effort
Recognizes any individual or entity that has made a significant contribution to the cause of historic preservation or archaeology in Virginia through research and/or education.

2012 Virginia Preservation Awards Nomination Form

Nominations must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Projects must have been completed in 2011
  • Only Virginia projects will be considered
  • Project buildings must be at least 50 years old
  • The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2012

Nominee Name (individual or organization to receive award):
Nominee Daytime Telephone Number:
Nominee Address:
Nominee E-mail:
Nominee Date of Birth (If applying for the Young Preservationist of the Year Award):
Award Category (choose one):
Building or Project Name (if applicable):
Building or Project Address:
Did this project receive Virginia tax credits?
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Federal tax credits?
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Please list the state legislators representing the districts in which the project/nominee is located:
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Project is in which Virginia Senate District?
Which House District?
Project Team (if applicable):
Property Owner:
Please note that if this nomination is selected for an award, Preservation Virginia will make every effort to recognize all project team members but only the nominee will receive an award.
Nominator Name:
Nominator Daytime Phone Number:
Nominator Address:
Nominator Email:
Is the nominator a member of Preservation Virginia?
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Contact Name (if other than nominator):
Contact Daytime Phone Number:
Contact Address:
Contact E-Mail:
Please type (or cut and paste) a summary/fact sheet describing the work and/or project nominated, and discuss why the nominee is deserving of an award. NOMINATIONS WILL BE JUDGED SOLELY ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDED WITH THE NOMINATION. Short and concise nominations are appreciated.
In addition, please include no fewer than three (3) high resolution digital photographs of the project. NOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT PHOTOGRAPHS. Up to five photographs may be uploaded.

All material and photographs submitted with nominations will be the property of Preservation Virginia and may be used in future publications, presentations, and on our website.
DEADLINE for receipt of nominations: July 31, 2012
Contact Louis Malon at 804-648-1889 ext. 307 or for more information.
Once you submit your nomination it may take several minutes for the submission to go through, depending on the size of images submitted and the speed of your connection. Thank you for your patience.